When it comes to finding the best hotel in Beirut, look no further than Xpress by Smallville. This outstanding hotel in Beirut not only offers comfortable bedding🏨 , but also boasts breathtaking city views that will leave you in awe. What truly sets Xpress by Smallville apart, however, is its amazing staff 🏨 . Their dedication to ensuring your every need is met will make your stay an absolute pleasure. Experience a truly pleasant stay at Xpress by Smallville , where comfort, city vistas, and exceptional service come together seamlessly.

Super Sophie

The Smallville Hotels: A New Chapter in Beirut Hotels


Welcome to Xpress by Smallville, an urban design beacon among Beirut hotels, where you’ll find the warmth of Lebanese hospitality personified in our charming host, Sophie. Rooted in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon, a city with a heroic spirit, our hotel stands as a testament to the resilience and vibrancy of this remarkable metropolis.

Beirut’s unique capacity to withstand hardships, endure wars, and brave times of crisis – rising like a true superhero – has inspired our theme and philosophy. Much like the city it calls home, Xpress by Smallville reflects the character of the beloved town in a popular superhero TV series, serving as a sanctuary for guests seeking the best of hotels in Beirut and Lebanon.

At Xpress by Smallville, we invite you to be part of our story, experiencing the blend of contemporary comfort and enduring resilience that defines us.

Xpress by Smallville Rooms: Redefining Luxury in Beirut Hotels

One Bedroom Apartment

Studio King Bed

Two Bedroom Apartment

Studio Twin Bed

Our Unique Vibes at Xpress by Smallville

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